God Spoke to This Man Face to Face and Changed His Way of Seeing Everything

Newsflash: watch this very short video first

Philip Floyd was surprised to hear God speak to him directly. While Philip listened to God, he saw multiple versions of himself; God had multiplied Philip to help him grasp what his Heavenly Father was teaching. Since 2008, God has visited with Philip on numerous occasions, passing on specific information about how to bring God’s Kingdom to earth through a changed perspective in the Christian walk.

Here are some quotes from Philip’s conversations that he has written down to share:

1. Original intent: to be one with God in unbroken fellowship

2. What to say to anything that does not agree with God’s Kingdom in your life: “That won’t work anymore, I know better now, you may be excused. Leave! Get out!”

3. Nothing changes until something is said. I create my future with my words, not with my past.

4. You cannot entertain any thought that you do not want reproduced in your life.

5. Contrary to popular opinion and the beliefs of others, every person born into this earth has a destiny. Our Creator desires for each of us to use every ounce of it up before we leave this earth.

6. Never ask the Lord “How?” Just say,”Yes sir.” The provision of God will go where the will of God takes you.

Michael J. Parks Photography filmed the interview with Philip Floyd

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