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  1. I am suzanne McCord’s sister and want to read all you write about your trip to Israel. Thanks and God bless you.

  2. It’s late Friday afternoon, and. I’m reminiscing about Preston and Clark Hanger. Those two wonderful men would literally jump into our Tricounty Family Ministries’ truck, with coffee in hand, to gather food product to feed our Charleston hungry. It might be extremely hot or cold and neither one of the complained. Once the task was accomplished I could see the look of pride on their faces. Preston was always smiling and willing to step in where ever needed, as was Clark. We’re so blessed to have connected with Preston, to watch him and his buddy make a difference. Thank you for having a “servant heart.”

  3. Preston is such an inspiration to every Christian. I first met him through Clark Hanger while serving at Tricounty Family Ministries. He joined our Board of Directors and also volunteered driving our van around town picking up food for the Charleston hungry. His beautiful smile and soft-spoken voice and mannerisms provided a sense of calm not only to me, but to those around him.

  4. This is truly a blessing, Preston you inspire us with your courage and spirit.
    Kim Baldwin

  5. Pringle, I found you! What fun I am going to have with all of your posts! Kathee

  6. I saw on Facebook that you are featuring a story about the Chairman of the Board of the non-profit I founded and of which I am CEO, Heritage Community Services. I only want to add my voice to those who so admire and appreciate Preston. He is one of the most genuine and caring Christian men I have known over the span of my now rather long life!
    Anne Badgley

  7. What a blessing, Pringle. I am going through some things and this was so uplifting. Preach it, sister!
    I look forward to hearing you speak on the 6th.

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