Your Forever Friend: Preston Hipp


When Preston Hipp died at age 57, more than 1,000 people turned out for his funeral in Charleston, S.C. A surprising number of men confessed that Preston had been their very best friend, someone who had truly known them, accepted them, and loved them. During his 8-year battle with prostate cancer, Preston endured a progressive series of tortures. Despite this, he leaned into his faith in Jesus Christ to overcome the sickness and the fear, listening to and encouraging others even as he himself was growing increasingly ill. 

If you have enjoyed reading about Preston Hipp’s life and cancer journey here on Jesus Street, take a glimpse at this photo galley. If you wish you could spend another hour or two in Preston’s company, consider ordering a tribute book, comprised of memories from family, friends, and even some from Preston himself. Your Forever Friend is available on Amazon: